Skill Evolution

We create unforgettable connections.

3D Video Mapping, Video Walls, Led Walls are just technology if they are not transformed into emotions.


See, listen, touch. Unique experiences are entirely developed providing equipment, videos, applications and custom communication.


A customer is not just a project. It's a connection, a human touch that is not just about know-how sharing. It's pushing our mind to the limit to thrill him.


We look at the future and turn it into reality, because having a vision is not unique to dreamers.

Skill Evolution is a complex reality that transforms technology in innovation. A reality that brings our clients to fulfill cutting-edge projects, leading them through the process step by step: from providing the most technologically advanced equipments, along with bespoken graphic Layout and communication strategy, to eventually create multimedia landscapes.

Skill evolution is specialized in 3D video mapping, video walls, led walls, camera projection, touch screen monitors.
A series of advanced technologies supported by limitless creativity, which allow us to bring to life what others could not even imagine: a world made of sensorial experiences where to wander exploring things our mind has always dreamed of.


We constantly push our knowledges to think outside the box, to transform every experience in something unique.


Via Enrico Fermi 9
35136 Padova (PD) – ITALY
C.F. e P.Iva: 02808340307
Tel: 0039 0498711751D

Fedro +39 3485533424
Matteo +39 375 5485702


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